Who is in our MakerSpace Conversation

Name - Interest - contact / twitter
Kevin Amboe - @amboe_k
Jennifer Bond- @TeamBond


http://www.thinglink.com/scene/526086732739772417 (Anatomy of a Makerspace)

You can make better things out of Lego than Cardboard - You can make bigger things out of Cardboard than Lego

Overall - A stance towards Learning. WE want to make our own things, Solve our own problems. I am in charge of learning. I have no idea but we are going to figure it out.

- A room that you go to
- Makling kits that move to classrooms
- A model for thinking and learning
- Questioning / Inquiry
- Problem Solving
- Learning in a Classroom
- power to the kids
- students pose the problem
- Learn and Unlearn

Notes / Ideas / Questions from the session

This is the time to bring Making, Tinkering, Engineering back into the classroom. It has been missing for 20 years.
How to engage disenfranchised students?
How to make with very little money
Bringing Maker Model that can benefit from it.
How to get the most out of them?
Links to Genius Hour or Google Time (#geniushour)
Connect to Project Based, Challenge Based, Problem Based Learning
- keywords - exploring, tinkering, projects, collaboration, learning through play

Have Maker Days
- Include parent maker days
- have parents on a committee
- Have student committees to be in charge of stuff

Ideas and ways of making
Physical Making

3D printers
Invent to Learn Guide to 3D Printing in Classroom
Squishy Circuits
Raspberry Pi
3D building / hands on
- Duct Tape creations
- Tinker Toys
- Mecanno
- Lego

Virtual Making
Programming in Scratch
Google Sketch Up
Minecraft design then printing
Historical Forts in MineCraft

Creating a Space for Making
- Dry Erase Walls
- Thinking Walls
- Very little furniture
- Lots of tools and options

- Understanding between CRAFT and MAKE
- Parents thinking we are 'wasting time' and 'Making it Up'
- How it relates to Common Core and expectations
- hard to identify until it happens - name it once they created