3D Printing - High School Section

ADDIE Process

Prompts & Problems
  • If you were to design a U.S. coin, who would be on it and why? (students write paper & design coin) - history, English, & art standards
  • Redesign the school (or part of the school) or the playground to create a more effective learning/playing space.

  • 3D print cases for Raspberry Pi
  • 3D print glasses, dresses, clothing pieces
  • 3D print masks for dance/drama
  • 3D print model of eiffel tower
  • 3D print robot (see InMoov below)
  • 3D print geocache (about geogaching)
  • 3D print your town's monuments/buildings/sculptures/art (see makerbot guidance here)
  • 3D print construction sets (see full sets on thingiverse)

  • Save bad prints with explanations for what worked, what didn't, why


Lesson ideas:
- art teacher - make your own iphone case
- geocatcher case design - design your own cache
- Build your own city - future city
- Create your own coin - currency for your city
- ET project - alien that goes in certain planets
- Can design something in minecraft and import it into Tinkercad to make.
- Redesign our room. or school
- Student Design 3D printed opener for locker
Put all your bad prints up so you can talk about why it was a good or bad print

3D Scanner:
- Cubify